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✓ Works offline

✓ Easy and speedy

✓ No drag and drop

✓ Simple is powerful, nothing fancy

✓ Optimised for high level designs

To create simple block diagrams quickly while controlling the basic blocks/arrows positions without drag and drop. This has advantage of text to diagram model while still having control on the diagram format. Positioning blocks ourselves helps us quickly understand the diagram flow even if its complex, compared to the diagrams which are formatted based on pre-defined rules which sometimes becomes difficult to grasp.

Do you want to quickly create a simple high level block diagram with just blocks and arrows way faster than drag and drop tools and controlled locations of blocks, just by typing text ?

Then this is the website for you.

Useful for High level simple System/Architecture Diagrams. Also comes handy to create quick diagram to brainstorm system design while collaborating with colleagues.

This website is being developed actively, so stay tuned for new features coming in !

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